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Date05/13/2021 - 09/30/2022
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Treatment of Gluteal Tendinopathy

A guided 6-CEUs for PT/PTA in IL/IN.

Section 1Course Material..
Lecture 1Course Outline..Preview

An instructor guided 6-ceus. Lateral hip pain is a common musculskeletal problem causing impairments and functional limitation. This course based on a systematic review of the treatment of

Gluteal tendinopathy. 

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Course Objectives


Clinicians will learn:

1-            The 4 grades of Gluteal tendon degeneration

2-            Diagnosis of lateral hip pain

3-            Assessment, special tests, and functional outcome measures

4-            Treatment options for Gluteal tendinopathy


Lecture 3Course Content
Lecture 4Exercise Dosage and Progressions
Lecture 5Final Quiz Guide
Final Quiz

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